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Create art, challenge norms, learn histories, celebrate all & create equitable + safe dance spaces.

Equity In Dance is a youth and Queer led organization that seeks to create art, challenge norms, learn histories, celebrate all, as well as create safe and equitable dancing spaces.  Focusing on topics such as LGBTQ+ Rights, Mental Health Advocacy, Disability Rights, Anti-Racism, Decolonization and Environmental activism, Equity In Dance has created a community engaged in the power of marginalized youth voices. Equity In Dance currently utilizes virtual communities and in-person workshops to make art and make change.

About Us

Equity In Dance was created by a first year university student, Mack Gillies, a Queer dance artist & educator studying Critical Social Work. Starting as a passion project in an attempt to better their own personal dance teaching methods and understandings of dance, Equity In Dance has now become an internationally run youth organization for dance artists to unite, creating art and creating change. Founder Mack Gillies and Co-Director Shannon Widdis are dancers and dance educators who come from a lived experience with inequitable dancing spaces and negative experiences in the dance world. Through these experiences, and a marriage of social justice and dance, Equity In Dance was born. 

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Our Story

Shannon Widdis

Photo taken by Mack Gillies


Mack Gillies

Photo taken by Shannon Widdis

Co - Directors 

Mack Gillies (left) & Shannon Widdis (right)

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