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Body Autonomy & Consent

Dance is a body-centred art form and requires consent and body autonomy for all people at all times. 

Equity In Dance believes in helping dance educators unlearn teaching with an emphasis on touch & helping them practice asking consent. Additionally, we believe in helping dancers claim their body autonomy and be firm with their boundaries and consent giving. 

Tap Dance Class

What we advocate for:

- Dance instructors unlearning teaching with an emphasis on touch. 

- Dance teachers asking for informed consent the using physical touch to correct a dancer. 

- Dance spaces being safe for dancers to create reasonable boundaries and have those boundaries be respected by peers & staff. 

- Dance studio wardrobe regulations and dress codes being created in partnership with the dancers who must follow it. 

- Dance instructors unlearning hierarchy and authoritative dance pedagogies 

- Dancers being included in costuming choices and conversations. 

- Have open discussions with dancers of all ages about consent. 

- Dance instructors or studio / competition / convention staff holding other workers accountable, reporting abuse and misconduct if seen. 

- Dance studios / competition / conventions having an anonymous way for students and parents to report abuse and misconduct if seen.

- Everyone in dance spaces has autonomy over their own bodies and everyone needs to be made sure they know that. 

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