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Supporting Marginalized Bodies

Dance is for ALL bodies.

Equity In Dance stands for celebrating all dancing bodies and implementing supports, accommodations, and accessibility for all people. 

What we advocate for:

- Celebrating all dancing bodies and providing diverse representation of  the endless ways a dancing body can exist as.

- Dance instructors integrating intersectionality into dance classes.

- Dancer teachers developing adaptive curriculums that can be altered to suit specific dancers needs. 

- Dance teachers and studio staff researching and applying general accessibility to the studio space and having conversations with specific students about their needs and supports. 

- Dance teachers unlearning toxic ideologies about what a dancer body looks like. 

- Dance teachers practicing self love and modelling healthy relationships with their souls and bodies.

- Dance instructors teaching with a body positive / body neutral approach. 

- The dance community to eliminate any kind of culture or behaviour that promotes eating disorders and fatphobia. 

- Dance teachers adjusting language so corrections reflect technique or skill rather than body type, shape, ability, etc. 

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