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 Mental Health & Dance

Dance can have many positive and negative mental health impacts. 

Equity In Dance believes in the positive power that dance can be in someones life while also recognizing the many negative mental health issues it can cause. We strongly believe in dance educators being mental health educated & trauma informed and we advocate for dancer mental health supports. 

Photo by Mack Gillies

What we advocate for:

- Mental health and wellness being a priority in dance spaces.

- Trauma informed dance teaching with a basic and working knowledge of mental illness in youth. 

- Dance teachers taking preventative measures in terms of protecting both their own and their students mental health. 

- Taking mental health breaks from dance without penalization. 

- Dance instructors unpacking their intergenerational trauma & working to end the cycle of abuse in dance spaces. 

- Using dance as a positive mental health tool. 

- Dance educators having open conversations about mental health within the dance field, normalizing getting mental health support. 

- Dancer's, dance educators, and dance parents having easy access to mental health resources. 

- Dance studio's and dance parents having plans in place to assist students if mental health problems arise. 

- Dance teachers and students to have a dynamic where students can feel safe enough to share if they are struggling.

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