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Mental Health resources for Dancers, Dance Educators, and Dance Parents & Guardians

Although dance can have an abundance of positive impacts to ones mental health, dance is a demanding activity that can have opposite & negative effects on a persons mental health. Alongside self esteem issues, body image struggles, and burnout, the most common mental health issues found in dancers are anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and depression.  On this page, Equity In Dance has provided a list of resources that dancers, dance parents, and dance educators can use to find mental health supports. 

The resources listed are not in any kind of partnership with Equity In Dance & are listed as recommendations from various Equity In Dance team members.

Image by Emily Underworld

Child Helpline International 

"Child Helpline International is a collective impact organization with more than 160 members from 140 countries and territories around the world.

We coordinate information, viewpoints, knowledge and data from our child helpline members, partners and external sources. This exceptional resource is used to support child protection systems globally, regionally and nationally, and to help our members advocate for the rights of children and amplify their voices". 

Psychology Today 

Online resource for North American people to connect with mental health professionals according to their needs and location.

Self Injury Outreach and Support

"As part of a collaboration between McGill University and the University of Guelph, we are an international outreach organization providing current information and helpful resources about self-injury to individuals who self-injure, those who have recovered, as well as their caregivers and families, friends, teachers and the health professionals who work with them".

Center Stage Psychology

Created by Dr. Jacqueline Benson, Center Stagere Psychology provides creative mental health resources for all, entering artists and performers. 

DEEA Healing Resources

"Dance Education Equity Association, DEEA, (pronounced dee-double e- a) is an organization dedicated to supporting dance education through our BE COURAGEOUS courses and community collaboration. We provide education and establish policies, procedures, and compassionate accountability pathways to embed anti-racism, anti-othering, and anti-abuse practices into the DNA of dance education". 

This page will lead you to DEEA's list of healing resources for dance artists. 

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