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Social Media was how Equity In Dance began! Starting as a one person passion project on Instagram to keep busy while the Covid-19 pandemic put a pause on working, Equity In Dance is now a team of youth across the world working to create art and create change on a larger scale. Nonetheless, in an era where society relies on social media, our Instagram and TikTok accounts contain multitudes of resources and is an excellent place to look for conversation started, jumping off points, or a guiding post for improvement. 


  • Instagram

Tik Tok

  • TikTok

@EquityInDance on Instagram is our organizations creative hub, a place where we share both creative content and educational content ranging from dance film and photography to activism in the dance world. Follow us on Instagram to find resources, create & see art, challenge norms, learn histories, celebrate all & work to create equitable + safe dance spaces.

Through our TikTok account, Equity In Dance talks about aspects of the dance community, from a youth perspective, that aren't typically talked about; such as: body image, homophobia, cultural appropriation, financial issues, costuming, mental health, nd more. Additionally, we discuss ways to create equitable dancing spaces, have open dialogue about advocating for yourself, provide dancer affirmations, and movement prompts for all dancing bodies. 

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